International Women and Girls Day in Science

International Women and Girls Day in Science

February 11th has been established by United Nations Organisation as International Day of Women and Girls in Science. This decision was taken on 22nd December 2015 and sends the message that bringing the gender gap in science is vital to achieving sustainable development and fulfilling the promise of 2030 Agenda, “to leave no one behind”.

The UNO reports characteristically that “the world needs science and the science needs women, we must encourage and support girls and women to make the most of their potential as scientific researchers and innovators”.

This message must be the springboard for breaking stereotypes and paving the way for the full exploitation of women in science and research.

Women such as Marie Curie (polish physicist and chemist – Nobel Prize in Physics), Margaret Hamilton (American mathematician), Nettie Stevens (American biologist), Rosalind Elsie Franklin (English biophysicist and chemist), Rita – Levi Montalcini (Italian doctor and researcher – Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology), Maria Goeppert Mayer (German-American Physicist – Nobel Prize in Physics), Amalia Fleming ( Greek doctor) and many others are the shining example and point the way to all women who wish to occupy with science and research.

Διεθνής Ημέρα Γυναικών και Κοριτσιών supports the equal participation of women in all fields through various European projects which implements such as:

  • Win on Line”, that supports women who wish to become e-entrepreneurs, through education and counselling.
  • Being a female Entrepreneur”,that supports, strengthens and guides women who belong to vulnerable groups (refugees, single – parent families etc.) to create their business in the Cultural and Creative Sector.
  • OBias”, that contributes to the reduction of gender bias in communication processes in the job market, notably in the development of job offers, and CV from potential job applicants.

Women’s participation in all sectors of science, development and innovation is vital. Let us work all together to this end!

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