Joint-Staff training event in Cyprus: C1 Activity

From May 29th to June 2nd, 2023, a significant joint-staff training event took place in Cyprus, marking a pivotal moment in the i-SCHOOL project. Over the course of five intensive working days, educators, teachers, trainers, and project experts from each partner converged to delve into the project’s objectives and methodologies.

Joint-Staff training event in Cyprus: C1 Activity 3

The event aimed to achieve several key objectives:

  1. Project Introduction: Participants gained a comprehensive understanding of the i-SCHOOL project, its objectives, and the anticipated outcomes.
  2. Skills Development: Through a blend of formal and non-formal activities, attendees honed vital skills relevant to cultural heritage education, non-formal methodologies, and interactive teaching approaches applicable in both school and extracurricular settings.
  3. Knowledge Exchange: An environment conducive to sharing experiences and identifying common educational gaps fostered the exchange of best practices among participants.
  4. Dissemination Efforts: Empowering attendees to become ambassadors of the project, the event equipped them with the tools to disseminate project information within their networks, amplifying its impact at local, national, and EU levels.

The training took place at the Greek School of Olympion, with support from Eurosuccess Consulting, ensuring a meticulously planned and executed program. Across the agenda, participants anticipated a diverse range of activities tailored to maximize engagement and knowledge retention.

Joint-Staff training event in Cyprus: C1 Activity 4

  • Day 1. Welcoming participants with ice-breaking activities and project introductions.
  • Days 2-3: Immersive sessions focusing on interactive activities drawn from project results.
  • Day 4: Further interactive activities coupled with educational visits to cultural centers.
  • Day 5: A concluding day dedicated to evaluating the training’s effectiveness and providing feedback.

With newfound knowledge and skills, they’ll be poised to drive forward the i-SCHOOL project’s mission of enriching cultural heritage education for generations to come.

Joint-Staff training event in Cyprus: C1 Activity 5

Stay tuned for all the updates and activities related to our project’s progress and implementation.

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