Joint Staff Training for the LOST Project

On 6-7-8 of November 2018, will take place in Pisa (Italy) the Joint Staff Training for the LOST Project (ERASMUS+ KA2).

The project aims to improve the competences of the trainers & technical operators in the crucial first investigation phase for missing people and to develop a new operative model by using innovative and open ICT tools.

Due to specific peculiarities to each partner country, concerning the level of the skills of the professionals working on cases of missing children and adults and the investigation models, it is necessary for all partners to understand the differences and the needs in each country, in order to create an educational program (e-learning) which will give specific training and support.

Joint Staff Training for the LOST Project

During the Joint Staff Training, partners will:

  • Decide the content of the training program, the modules, the e-learning resources and the e-learning platform which are going to be used
  • Discuss the training paths for each pilot action and the didactical tools for Italy, Spain and Denmark

Each partner will contribute with his experience in specific fields, in order to achieve the goals of the Joint Staff Training for the LOST Project . The most important part of the training program will be for all participants to learn how to collaborate despite the differences in each country.

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