JopApp meeting in Patra

We are very happy to host, once again, a European Meeting in our city, Patra. This meeting is the 3rd meeting of the european project Job Placement Application, in the Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership, taking place in our offices at the Iroon Politechniou Str

The JopApp project is about creating a mobile application, giving answers and hints & tips to students-learners having their internship abroad, across european countries. The whole mentality of this application is based on the RAINOVA system (which was developed from another european partnership)

The project partners come from Donostia (Spain), Mariampoles (Lithuania), Lisbon (Portugal), Brussels (Belgium) and Patra (Greece). They are the following:

During the meeting visits to educational institutes and business forums of the city will take place.

The project is from time aspects in its middle, and in a few months the piloting of the mobile application will begin. Stay tuned at the projects website

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