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Kick off meeting of Connecting Europe! project

Today, 23/05/2022 and tomorrow 24/05/2022, the kickoff meeting of Connecting Europe! project is held in Valletta, in Malta. For the first time today, partners are all together, to discuss the implementation and the timetable of the project.

Kick off meeting

The Kick-off meeting of Connecting Europe! project is implementing by Easy Job Bridge (IZI Ltd), based in Malta. Easy Job Bridge (IZI Ltd) is active in the field of internships, work placement and the organization of training visits, to and from Malta.

Kick off meeting, is one of the most important meetings that takes place among partners. It is the first face to face meeting that takes place for the project and the partners have the opportunity to get to know each other and take the necessary joint steps for its implementation. During this meeting, partners agree on common milestones, the use of modern digital tools, the methodology to be followed and the timetable for its implementation.

Connecting Europe

Connecting Europe! started its journey in January 2022 and focuses mainly on those involved in hospitality, health and technical sectors. The aim of the project is to improve the mobility of Erasmus+ students.

The smooth and effective cooperation among VET providers, intermediary organizations and employers will:

  • facilitate the mobility of students and
  • increase the European collaboration between institutions involved in Erasmus+ mobilities.

For this purpose, we need to:

  • Modernize the hosting and sending infrastructure of Erasmus + KA1 students.
  • Develop evaluation frameworks and tools.
  • Development quality student support services.
  • Upgrade the capabilities of organisations involved in Erasmus+ mobility.

The team

The project team consists of 9 organisations, from 6 different European countries. The partnership, besides, a company specializing in the creation and management of software and websites, research, training and business consulting, consists of organisations:

The Kick off meeting

In the kickoff meeting agenda, what stands out is the analysis of the outputs of the project. This is developed in detail and the partners exchange views and outline the framework for the two outputs to be created.

The one project output that will be created is a digital virtual course. This course will prepare VET students for Erasmus+ mobility. In addition, it will give them the skills they need to work in a multicultural environment.

connecting europe kick off meeting 1

Additionally, the second output of the project will be a suite of digital tools. A collection of innovative and interactive digital tools that will be created to explore and recognize specific 21st century skills. These tools will enable VET providers to identify skills that will support VET students succeed in the professional field. Such skills are now essential, regardless of the profession, and businesses place them very high in their agenda in the rapidly changing era we live in.

connecting europe kick off meeting 2

Tomorrow, 24/05/2022, according to the agenda, the most common challenges that employers face when offering internships to students from foreign countries, will be reckoned, analyzed and minuted. Furthermore, it will be analyzed how 21st century skills can be assessed and then partners will exchange best practices.

Finally, the partners will “close” the meeting, after discussing the content and methodology, for the research required for the two deliverables.

Our team has created the online platform that will host all the deliverables of the project here!

Let’s facilitate Erasmus+ mobilities in EU!

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