“Make ECEC Institutions Fit for the Digital Age” Final Project Meeting in Bilbao

Bilbao, Spain, September 12-13, 2023

The final transnational project management meeting of “Make ECEC institutions fit for the digital age leaving no one behind” was held in the heart of Bilbao at Iparragirre Ikastola. Founded in 2014, this educational institution, which is part of the Diocesan School Network (EBI), provided an ideal setting for this vital gathering.

Day 1 – September 12, 2023

The meeting commenced with the arrival of participants from partners’ organizations, who gathered to embark on a two-day journey dedicated to enhancing early childhood education in the digital era. The day began with the usual project meeting formalities and presenting the agenda.

A significant portion of Day 1 was allocated to discussing the training program/platform produced by the partnership. The focus was on national trainings, an international contest with the participation of ECEC teachers, and finalizing the platform to equip educators with digital-age tools.

In the afternoon, attention turned to project implementation activities. Engaging discussions centered around the national stakeholders’ committees and the planning of multiplier events to ensure the project’s broad reach.

The day concluded with lively conversations and networking at a social dinner, held at a beautiful spot in the heart of the city.

Day 2 – September 13, 2023

Day 2 began with participants recharging before diving into extra project-related issues. These discussions were instrumental in ensuring the project’s success and sustainability.

A critical part of the agenda was dedicated to the Quality Assurance Framework and evaluating the final project partners meeting, which provided valuable insights into the progress made and the areas that required further attention.

The meeting came to a close with a group photo, symbolizing the unity and shared commitment of educators and innovators from across Europe in their mission to revolutionize early childhood education.

Iparragirre Ikastola, with its rich history and commitment to innovation, served as an inspiring backdrop for this international event. The tireless efforts of participants in Bilbao will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the future of early childhood education in the digital age.

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