Meeting for the European Growmat Project in Finland

Meeting for the European Growmat Project in Finland

The 4th Transnational Meeting for the European Project Growmat (Erasmus + – KA2), will take place in Finland on 06 – 07 June 2018.

In this meeting, which will take place at the premises of the Haaga-Helia University in Helsinki, will be discussed in detail the issues related to the finalization of the e-learning curriculum for tourism professionals and students in tourism schools, as well as the planning and creation of the e-learning platform, for which p-consulting is the responsible partner. Also, particular emphasis will be placed on the development of the AccAdvisor application, which will provide information on accessible sites of interest to visitors facing mobility problems.

Project partners come from countries where the concept of accessible tourism is particularly important for the further development of their tourism product. During the implementation of the project, all partners, p-consulting from Greece, Cdea and Errotu from Spain, AgeUKT2consulting and Bridgewater & Taunton College from the United Kingdom, Maribor from Slovenia, Haaga-Helia from Finland and EfVET from Belgium will raise awareness of the concept of accessibility and educate tourism professionals in order to improve accessibility services in the tourism industry.

Visit the website of Growmat for more information.

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