Microidea project presented in 25th EAAAI2024 (Engineering Applications and Advances of Artificial Intelligence) conference

We are very proud that University of Peloponnese will present Microidea project in the 25th EAAAI2024 (Engineering Applications and Advances of Artificial Intelligence) conference. That will be a milestone on its journey. This forum encompasses a wide range of research areas and fields in artificial intelligence, reflecting the continuously evolving demands of the current century. It also serves as an opportunity for the exchange of pioneering ideas between academia and industry.

Microidea project is directly attached with the growing need for lifelong learning and accessible education for all by developing and implementing a micro-credential system based on ISO/IEC 17024. It represents an innovative approach aimed at bridging the gap between national and international micro-credential systems and enhancing employability.

University of Peloponnese will participate with its research titled “Comparative Analysis of Large Language Models in Structured Information Extraction from Job Postings,” authored by Kyriaki Sioziou, Panagiotis Zervas, Kostas Giotopoulos, and Giannis Tzimas. The study aims to bridge the gap between commercial and open-source LLMs in structured information extraction, contributing to both academic and practical advancements in AI applications within the tourism sector.

By participating in EAAAI 2024, Microidea project not only emphasizes its commitment to promoting AI research but also highlights international collaboration and lifelong learning. Its pilot action in the tourism sector leads to tested solutions for both current and future challenges. We believe that Microidea can play a pivotal role in shaping the future of education and training.

Stay tunes to learn all about our next activities.

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