See below very briefly some key points in our course. They are our milestones and we hope to become even more in the years to come. But what will remain constant is our effort to provide the highest quality services possible and to have relationships of trust and mutual respect with you. We will continue to be by your side!


milestones-2012February 14, 2012 a.k.a. Χ.Μ. SKOULIDI & CO. EE it is now an entity. Based in the living room of an apartment in a building in Patras. Determined and full of appetite and passion, we start our own business trip, ον the first pick of the financial crisis in Greece!


milestones-2013The needs grew and so did our team. Need for more space thus moving to a ground floor office of 80 sq.m. at 1 Anthemiou Street & Kosti Palamas Str. The stable communication abroad is highlighted by the appointment of Panagiotis G. Anastasopoulos as the national representative of Greece in EfVET, while the company now participates in several global networks related to entrepreneurship and lifelong learning.


milestones-2014The first European project with as a partner, is called INTGEN and is approved in Spain. A strategic partnership of 6 European countries for the transfer of experience and knowledge from big business to start-uppers. At the same time, 2 big projects are being implemented for starting new businesses in Western Greece and Attica, in order to tackle the great economic crisis in the country.


milestones-2016The needs are constantly increasing and needs a new bigger infrastructure. It moves to new offices at 92 Iroon Polytechniou, opposite the historic Carnagio of Patras, enjoying the most beautiful sunset in Greece. New space, new ideas, new principles. The collaborations are extended to many European countries, while in Greece our network now covers the entire country.


milestones-2018The collaborations in Greece and abroad exceed 200 and is now recognized with the EU Good Practice award through its participation in the JopApp project. At the same time, the company’s infrastructure is being modernized for the most immediate and quality provision of our services!


milestones-2020EU programs, with as a full partner, exceed 25. Three of them are now recognized as good practices in the European Union. We are changing course for the better, leaving the crisis behind. We strengthen our team, utilize new technologies and move forward with even more fun and experience for new things!

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