100% tailor made to your needs

Below you may find 24 different approaches to interactive web applications that we can immediately put into action. Please have a look and let us know which of these might be of your interest!

All of them are 100% responsive on any IOS or Android smartphone or tablet

Hope you’ll enjoy!


The technology used is a new innovative technology named H5P and can be totally integrated in any project. Best viewed on a wordpress website just like ours. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further details.


Arithmetic Quiz


Find the Words






Image Pairing



Memory Game



Personality Quiz



Dialog Cards



Drag & Drop



Drag the Words



Fill in the Blanks



Find Multiple Hotspots



Image Sequencing



Advanced Fill in the Blanks


Interactive Video



Virtual Tour (360)



Multiple Choice








Single Choice Set



Speak the Words Set



True/False Question





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