Multiplier Event in Greece «Accessible Tourism»

GROWMAT – Growing the Market in Accessible Tourism, is an Erasmus+ KA2 (Strategic Partnerships) Project, with partners from Spain, Greece, Slovenia, UK, Finland and Belgium. In Greece the project is being implemented by, which is organizing a Multiplier Event with title “Accessible Tourism”, on Wednesday 3rd October 2018, 18:00, at Achaias’ Chamber Hall.

The purpose of the Multiplier Event is to inform the participants about the aims and objectives of Growmat project and to raise awareness of the concept of accessibility to tourism and its importance for the expansion of the Greek tourism market, with emphasis on the accessible tourism and the specific category of tourists.

According to the European Disability Forum, there are about 50 million people with disability problems in Europe, who represent a specific category of tourists needing specialized services and infrastructure. This market is almost three times bigger, if the rapidly growing European population over the age of 65, is added and the fact that people with disabilities rarely travel by themselves. Accessible tourism therefore brings financial benefits to professionals in the tourism sector, while ensuring, easy access for tourists, is not only a social or legal responsibility for professionals, but at the same time it provides a competitive advantage.

GROWMAT targets the specific tourism market by providing training to professionals in the tourism sector on issues related to accessibility and how to provide quality services in the context of accessible tourism.

The Multiplier Event will include speakers from Greece and E.U. (Denmark, United Kingdom, Italy), who will develop the theme of accessible tourism and present good business practices.

Find out more on the website of the project

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