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New project from O.A.E.D

The Hellenic ministry of economy, infrastructure, shipping and tourism and the Manpower Employment Organization, will activate the next period a new project entitled: “Enhance of liquidity and employment”, with estimated total budget 60.000.000 € and with potential number of beneficiaries 10.000 people/enterprises.


This project intended for New Entrepreneurs who made entry profession from 1/1/2014 and for private companies or corporations which have increase job positions after 1/1/2015, by hiring one or more unemployed people.


According to information, the action provides retrospective coverage of expenditures for the year 2015 for freelancers (rent, capital depreciation, insurance contributions, and indirect costs for equipment) and a grant of 450€ monthly for new job positions which have been created from enterprises or corporations within 2015, with commitment about maintaining the subsidised job positions for the period that will be published in the proposal. The maximum enhancement limit of beneficiaries is estimated to fluctuate between 12.000 and 15.000 euro.


Project’s draft estimated to be made public at the end of September and the proposal will be published in October.