News from the project PROFI VNFIL featured

News from the project PROFI VNFIL

PROFI VNFIL: Validation of non-formal and informal learning

Project partners of European project Erasmus+ “PROFI VNFIL – Ensure the professionalization and good functioning of VNFIL” carried out an online meeting on 20th of April 2021, in order to finalize the next steps of project’s implementation. More specifically, the piloting of project outputs for candidates and professionals on validation of non-formal and informal learning will be implemented in all partners’ countries.

The aim of PROFI VNFIL is the development and the promotion of innovative and targeted validation systems of non-formal and informal learning (VNFIL). Some of the outputs of the project are:


  • A platform and a self-assessment tool for VNFIL candidatesNews from the project PROFI VNFIL 1

The platform that has been developed, enables VNFIL candidates to create their own e-portfolio with the evidences of their learning and work experience. In addition, the self-assessment tool contained in the platform gives them the opportunity to assess their personal skills and competencies that they have acquired through non-formal and informal training. Assessors / trainers will also have access to the platform to communicate and evaluate the candidates.


  • Training program for VNFIL trainers / assessors and career guidance counselors

The training program is addressed to trainers and assessors of validation of non-formal and non-formal learning and career guidance counselors. The aim of the training is to increase their knowledge and skills, in order to be able to implement a series of activities and services to improve the validation system., project partner from Greece and responsible for the creation of all digital tools, will implement the piloting of the platform & the self-assessment tool for VNFIL candidates, as well as the training program for VNFIL trainers and assessors, in June 2021.


Stay tuned to learn more!

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