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SlowLearning’s Newsletter featured

SlowLearning’s Newsletter

3rd Newsletter for European Project SlowLearning Project partners of SlowLearning published the 3rd Newsletter of the project. The Newsletter is available on project’s website and …

ThinkTwice featured image

Find out about Think Twice!

Newsletter of Think Twice! project The 1st Newsletter of Think Twice! has just been released and posted on the website of the Project and p-consulting.gr. …

Training course for NGO executives featured

Training course for NGO executives

Training course for SNGOs leaders/fundraisers/practitioners p-consulting.gr is developing an online training course to support SNGOs on their work in fundraising. The training course is being …

The role of the teacher featured image

Supporting students with SEN. The role of the teacher.

Online Multiplier Event “Supporting students with SEN. The role of the teacher” «Υποστήριξη μαθητών με Ε.Ε.Α. Ο ρόλος του εκπαιδευτικού» On Monday 29th of March …

Οικολογική Βιωσιμότητα featured

Ecological sustainability

Green management within enterprises and ecological sustainability. The contribution of the Think Twice Project! Ecological sustainability and the concept of the environment have gained law …

Governance of urban green spaces featured

Governance of urban green spaces

Interactive Database for the creation and governance of urban green spaces   p-consulting.gr in collaboration with organisations from Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Cyprus and Portugal, are …

Research on the needs of the elderly with intellectual disabilities featured

Research on the needs of the elderly with intellectual disabilities and their Active Ageing

p-consulting.gr is a member of a European research team working on the Project “Active Ageing of the Elderly with Intellectual Disabilities – AIDA” (2020-1-ES01-KA202-082528 E), …

survey Sen Quality featured

How ready are you for the 3rd age?

Survey on individual later life preparation  p-consulting.gr, as a member of the research team of the European Project “Sen Quality – Preparation for later life”, …

Dropping the Baggage featured

Dropping the Baggage

How can we help students drop their negative “baggage” that keeps them away from education, to develop their skills and to invest to their future …

InclEUsion so far featured

InclEUsion so far

The activities of project InclEUsion so far are being presented to the 2nd Newsletter of the project, which was published in January 2021. By reading …

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