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Mentoring for the creation of an e-business.

Mentoring sessions for supporting women in e-entrepreneurship. p-consulting.gr and E.GY.PA. (Patras Women Union) are organizing a series of mentoring sessions aiming at supporting women in …

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i-School is on! – Cultural Heritage in action

Imagine a world that would begin again from scratch, with each day. Every time the sun went up, everything in our minds would be wiped …

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“Being a Female Entrepreneur” project in Suceava, Romania

Transnational meetings in this recession period of COVID-19 dominance, are really vital and refreshing for the Erasmus+ KA2 projects and their consortiums. p-consulting.gr and our …

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O’Bias and unconscious gender discrimination at work

Gender equality in the labour market is an issue of increasing concern in Western societies. A general impression is that gender inequalities are consciously maintained. …

Elderly with intellectual disability and the AIDA project

Elderly with intellectual disabilities and the AIDA project

Among the values of the European Union (EU) are the protection of human rights, equality and human dignity. In Greece, as in the other EU …

3o Ενημερωτικό Δελτίο του έργου D-Care Respect & Respite

The D-Care Project’s 3rd Newsletter, issued in February 2022 is here!

The “D-Care Respect & Respite” partnership is about to finalize the  project’s results and soon enough they will be publicized. One of the training courses …

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Win On Line: 2nd Newsletter – March 2022

The European Erasmus+ KA2 project’s: WinOnLine 2nd Newsletter is on air! Since the beginning of year 2022, the project’s partners have been busy finalizing the …

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AIDA’s Transnational Training

 P-consulting.gr, participates in the Transnational Training for the AIDA project, taking place 21/03/2022 – 25/03/2022 in Sopuerta. The partners of the AIDA project, from 4 …

Female Entrepreneurship: Invitation to Evaluation.

Female Entrepreneurship: Invitation to Evaluation.

Evaluation of the ICT Self-Assessment Tool in Female Entrepreneurship. The ICT self-assessment tool of entrepreneurial competences in the CCIs Sector has been finalized and offers …

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Acquiring skills through serious games

Serious games and strengthening of “soft” skills In a constantly changing world of employment, the acquisition of soft skills has become a one-way street for …

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