Next stop Germany-4th Transnational Meeting

The 4th transnational meeting of Reimagine took place on 18-19/12/2023 in Chemnitz, Germany, where project partners had the opportunity to review the fruits of their efforts.

Various thematic areas were presented concerning the project results, as well as the challenges that arose and the solutions provided to overcome them. Partners exchanged views on actions at national level, the sources, obstacles and difficulties they face and through a dynamic discussion, ways to address them were found.

The next target was thoroughly analyzed: the organization of national level partnership events to disseminate the project and its deliverables. The importance of both the digital toolkit and online courses is crucial, and their dissemination in the educational community is necessary as it will provide them with an easy to use tool to successfully fulfill their work.

The meeting was successful as, once again, the atmosphere of positive cooperation and professionalism characterized it. We left with enthusiasm for the next step, to make our project known to the educational community and beyond.

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