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There are times when Greek organizations, whether businesses or organizations, are desperately seeking funding for their various actions. These are actions related to research and development or innovation, that are at the brink of abandonment, due to a lack of capital. There are also many examples that Greek organizations have been out of competition in recent years for this reason.

Greece, as a member state of the European Union, has access to all development funds that are divided into two categories: those managed by the states themselves (see ΕΣΠΑ) and those managed centrally by Brussels or transnational contracting authorities.

The second category is now easily accessible from a new platform that the EU created. These are mainly programs targeting organizations, whose strategic orientation is innovation. In this new platform, all of the search conditions are given so that the R & D department of each company or organization can quickly and fully access it. The hyperlink of the platform is

Brussels in the center


In this video, you can see how easy and accessible this platform is. 3 main buttons are all you need to check depending on your special characteristics. There exist the filters and the categorisation that save you time and are really efficient! Just have a look yourself!



Greece in the center

At the second video you can check how easy it is to look for needed fundind on national level. There exists a map for all the state-members and of course Greece among them. On the bottom right of the platform on the button “Useful Links” you can see the funding opportunities on Greek level coming from systemic and not banks and from other sort of funds (venture capitals etc.). Take a look please!

Fast Track

These videos above prove the practicality and the efficiency of this platform. This means that it was created aiming on one cause: to deminish the bureaucracy and time devoted on looking for funding some actions that will bring innovation and thus competition.

Lets enter the new era of fast track & no bureaucracy… Thanks E.U.!


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