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NSRF 2014 – 2020: One step before

The last days, according to the statements of the vice minister for NSRF projects, mr. Charitsis, have came up a lot of publications about the opening of NSRF projects.


According to the latest information, within the next days are expected the pre-publications of the first projects that will concern the “Reinforcement of Touristic businesses for modernization and quality upgrade of the offered services”, the “Start – up businesses” and the “Reinforcement of self-employment graduates of higher education”.


Further information about the above projects, is expected with the pre-publication during the next days.


Basic information for them,  exists in previous postings in our website, with the possibility of  differentiation  with the final announcement of the projects.


 In addition, there is information for a new project which is expected to be announced the next period and it will be about “Upgrade for very small and small excisting business with development of their abilities in new markets”. 


That piece of information refers that the project will target on very small or small busineeses related to the following categories:


    • Logistics


    • Agrofood/Food industry


    • Cultural and creative industries


    • Materials/Constructions


    • Energy


    • Environment


    • IT Technology & communications


    • Health


The budget is estimated from 20.000€ to 300.000€ and the grant between 40% and 50%.


The chosen expenditures will concern:


    • Buildings


    • Expertise licence


    • Expenditures for technological improvements


    • Consultants’ fee


    • Recruitment of new personnel


At the end, there is information about the announcement of actions for the reinforcement of Social Economy within 2015.


Detailed information will be announced with the pre-publication within next days.