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NSRF 2014-2020

The European Commission has approved on Friday, May 23, the new NSRF for the period 2014-2020. The total budget is expected to reach 26 billion Euros and the main operational projects that will be implemented are:

1.”Entrepreneurship-Competitiveness-Innovation .”
Budget: 4.55 billion Euros
The largest project of the new NSRF addresses to 9 main sectors of the Greek economy: tourism , agri-food , Logistics, Environmental Industries , Chemicals – Health , Production and saving energy , ICT , Creative Industries and culture . The project activities focus on strengthening the export businesses , the certification of agri-food products, the young and women entrepreneurs , the tourism promotion , the energy saving , recycling – waste recovery and innovation.

2.”Reforming the State”
Budget: 500 million Euros
The project involves the reorganization and the modernization of the public sector. More specifically it is provided the improvement of the electronic services to citizens, the modernization of justice, the evaluation of HR, the upgrade of Municipals, the reorganization of structures and operations of the public sector, the actions of managing migration and the reorganization of health services.

Budget: 4.2 billion Euros
The project includes major infrastructure projects, such as the completion of the Trans-European road and rail network, the Metro of Athens and Thessaloniki, civil airports, seaport projects, waste management, new infrastructure and completion of previous projects of NSRF.

Budget: 2.5 billion Euros
The project includes training-improvement skills, vouchers for unemployed, nurseries, modernization of the Employment Agency, active labor market policies for young people, women and long-term unemployed, innovative programs for upgrading the quality of the educational system, link between education and training with the labor market, reducing school dropout and finally the young employment.

5.Rural Development Projects
Budget: 5.2 billion Euros
The project for the primary sector includes:
– Investments for improving the efficiency and productivity of the agri-food system and the competitiveness of agricultural holdings,
– Support for the producers of products with comparative advantage and export activities,
– Support for processing and marketing agricultural products,
– Support for young farmers to create sustainable farms,
– Diversification of economic activities in the countryside,
– Support pilot programs for the development of new products and technologies in the agriculture and food

6.Project for the Fisheries and the Maritime Affairs
Budget: 333 million Euros
The project includes:
– Investments for improving the competitiveness of enterprises of the particular sector (fisheries, aquaculture, trade and processing),
– Strengthening aquaculture for the production of commercially valuable products
– Promoting innovation throughout the fisheries sector
– Better organization of the markets in fishery and aquaculture products.

7.Thirteen Regional Operational Projects
Budget: 6.75 billion Euros
These projects support local development projects, improve entrepreneurship and local activities in the 13 regions of Greece.

According to the planning of the Ministry of Development it is expected to be announced, within 2014, the actions of the new NSRF for:
• Employment-education-training of young people.
• Strengthening vulnerable groups (long-term unemployed, disabled, etc.)
• Tackling Poverty
• Supporting unemployed for creating new businesses
• Vouchers for hiring young unemployed
• Providing employment for the unemployed in community service activities
• Energy upgrade for houses