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NSRF program for the Retail Trade


A new funding program will be launched soon and will involve the finance of companies operating in the retail trade sector, catering, education of franchising businesses and businesses in general which, based on their activity could not be included in earlier ESPA programs.


The eligible costs of the program will cover the following categories:


energy upgrade such as space formation works for optimizing energy management, equipment replacement with new improved and energy efficient,


enhancing health and safety of workplaces such as ELOT Certifications – Quality management system of commercial shops,


upgrading of information systems such as web design, e-shops, mobile portals, mobile apps, use cloud infrastructure to manage applications and data,


logistics chain (logistics) such as distribution network configuration, inventory management,


The funding will cover 40% of eligible costs, and increased by 10%, reaching 50% in the case of new staff.


According to information from the Ministry of Economy, the notice is currently in the creation phase and is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2017.