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O’Bias Your Future

A new Erasmus+ (ΚΑ2) project started its activities, in which p-consulting.gr is participating as project partner. The project its called “O’Bias Your Future: Overcoming Gender Bias in Career Opportunities”.


What is it about?

Main objective of the project is to contribute to the reduction of gender bias in communication processes in the job market. Project’s output will be the development of tools for supporting increased awareness about gender bias in the job market, including practices and prejudices that hold in recruitment processes and career perspectives, targeting both individuals as job seekers, and organizations and professionals involved in recruitment and career development.


Who is it for?

The project is addressed to:O'Bias Your Future

  • Career Guidance providers
  • VET institutions
  • HR managers
  • Employers/Companies
  • Recruiting companies
  • People seeking for job opportunities

Project’s results

The outputs which will be produced, during project’s lifetime, are the following:

1. Guide for the identification and mitigation of gender biases Practices in job market

The Guide will contain information across the various country contexts concerning critical aspects that affect an equal gender access to job market and career prospects. It will identify and describe well-succeeded approaches regarding the mitigation of gender inequalities in the workplace. The Guide will provide country profiles and illustrative examples, offering valuable learning lessons to all those entities working in the education and employment areas, especially in the domains of gender equality.

2. Online Lab for gender bias awareness and assessment

The Online Lab for gender bias awareness and assessment will include an online tool (questionnaires for self-assessment) and an interactive tool targeted both to job seekers and employers where they can insert their cv/job advertisement texts and obtain a report on the associated level of gender bias of their text/speech.

The Online Lab for Gender Bias Awareness and Assessment will be available English, Portuguese, Greek, Polish, Spanish, German and it will be tested in every project country.

3. Training Packages for job seekers and employers

The main aim of this output is to ensure adequate integration of the resources and tools developed in the other outputs and the related supporting resources and guidelines, as well as to develop templates, guides and training materials to support its wide utilization by stakeholders involved in overcoming existing gender imbalances in the access of young people to job market and career opportunities.

p-consulting.gr will participate to the development of all outputs and it will be responsible for the development of the Online Lab for gender bias awareness and assessment.


Project partners

Partnership consists of seven partners from six European countries:

Stay tuned for more news about our project “O’Bias Your Future”!

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