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When young entrepreneurship meets the experience

Onemind began in 2016 by four restless students with different backgrounds. Its main purpose was to create a platform that will find compatible investors for every startup in Europe. By creating an “intelligent” algorithm, the platform could save money for startups and time for investors.

The weight of Developement & Design was raised by Vassilis Spyropoulos and Martha Pipi and at the part of Growth focused Alexis Pantziaros and Anna Natsvlishvilli. The team soon realized the difficulty of the project, as none of them had any experience in the investment era.

Recognizing the problem, they began to look for solutions that would fill the gap in their investment experience.

The Onemind team in January 2016, attended the 2nd cycle of the Erasnus+ KA2 program, IntGen, which is developed and implemented by p-consulting, a consultant agency specializing in business consulting, software and website developement and management, research and education. This particular program helped the Onemind team to see the management of a startup project with a different perspective. Many of the problems faced by the team this period of time, took on a different form. The most important lesson from the program, as noted by Alex Pantjiaros Project Manager of Onemind, was:

“A problem is solved in many different ways, as long as it is determined the perspective of the problem.”

With all these in mind, in January 2017, Onemind’s team contacted with In4Capital’s CEO, Lefteris Kontos, and the both parts immediately recognizes In4Capital’s common elements with Onemind’s.Onemind in p-consulting 3

Moreover, this contact had the ultimate goal of cooperation. Lefteris ‘investment experience and Alexis’ passion for product development, has as a result the Onemind’s team to beincorporated into In4Capital in September 2017. These two groups have the same vision:

The development of the platform around the world.

Now, the platform is available for free to all startups and businesses. Over the coming days, the paid packages will be posted, allowing to registered users to use additional features and find the suitable investors.

More information are available at, and the contact is available throught social media or the e-mail:

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