Online συνάντηση για το Έργο e-PATTERNS

Online meeting for e-PATTERNS

Online συνάντηση για το Έργο e-PATTERNS_On Tuesday 15th of December 2020, was held the online meeting for e-PATTERNS “E-learning platform for up-skilling in fund raising practice, financial digital literacy in NGO management”, which aims to up-re-skill adult SNGOs practitioners to support their work in fund-raising and strategic digital positioning, through new technologies.

The aim of the meeting was partners to discuss the next steps regarding the outputs of the project, in order to ensure their successful implementation.

  • Training program for SNGOs practitioners. Partners have almost completed the development of the educational material in English.
    The training program consists of six modules and each partner was responsible for the development of one module.The training program will be implemented in all partner countries and will be available in English, Greek, Finnish, Italian, German and Spanish.
  • Training toolbox material & guidelines for NGOs leaders. The aim of the toolbox is to enable participants not only to attend a training program, but at the same time to develop strategies and plans for their organization. This output is in the final stage, as partners have almost completed its development in English, and it will soon be translated in Greek, Finnish, Italian, German and Spanish.
  • Self-assessment tool to analyze the status of digital skills/practices within a SNGO. is the responsible partner for the creation of the self- assessment tool, which with the contribution of other partners will develop the questions contained in the tool for the analysis of the skills of the professionals of SNGOs. The partners are developing the questions and the tool will be available in English, Greek, Finnish, Italian, German and Spanish.

Online meeting for e-PATTERNS 1

Stay tuned to be informed about our next activities!

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