Our Erasmus+ project, “QUAHVET”, has started its journey!

QUAHVET (Attractive 5th level High Vet Through thE Quality of gUidance) is a European project under the Erasmus+ program, implemented by six entities and educational organizations from Italy, Spain, Sweden, and Greece. The program aims to inform and encourage students to choose post-secondary vocational education and training schools (VET) through the development of specialized models to enhance the process of career orientation.

In a technologically and economically constantly evolving European professional environment, there is a need for workers not only with skills in creating and developing new models and tools but also with the knowledge to construct and use them. This need has led to the widespread development of Higher Vocational Education and Training Organizations (HVET), which, however, are not well-known to secondary education students and graduates. There is a gap in the information available to students and graduates of secondary education regarding the prospects that open up after completing such training and for their professional establishment.

The first face-to-face meeting of the project took place in Bergamo, Italy, on January 31 and 1 of February 2024, with the participation of all partners. We had the pleasure of experiencing the beauty of the city, which captivated with its architecture from the first moment and transported us to past centuries, as well as the old town bustling with life. We also had the opportunity to review the goals, purposes, and work packages of the project, delve into the questionnaires to be used for the above purposes, and establish a clear plan for project management and monitoring of progress. We analyzed the project’s dissemination plan and confirmed upcoming milestones and delivery deadlines to maintain workflow.

During the meeting, we strengthened collaboration among partner organizations, optimized the understanding of QUAHVET’s goals, and left full of enthusiasm for the next steps. Stay tuned to follow the exciting developments ahead.

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