Think Young

p-consulting at Think Young!

p-consulting’s participation in the Entrepreneurhip School Greece, has met great success.

Think Young

The Entrepreneurhip School, implemented by the Non- profit organization Think Young, after its success in other countries of Europe and Asia, took place in Athens during November 30th – December 4th, 2015.

Successful and entrepreneurs to be participated in the Entrepreneurship School. The activities have been focuced on the promotion of new ideas, the development of a network between old experienced and young potential entrepreneurs.

Young people had the opportunity to present their ideas and accept useful information and consultancy about the current business environment.

p-consulting had an active role in the project. In the frame of its participation come across meetings with other enterpises and contributed to the emergence of business ideas while shared its knowledge and professional experience in a business attempt to promote the entrepreneurial spirit into young active people.
p-consulting at Think Young! 1

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