EUVETBiz keynote speech

p-consulting in EUVETBiz

p-consulting participates in EUVETBiz Conference, through Mr. Panagiotis G. Anastasopoulos (Representative of Greece to the Board of EFVET). The Conference is organized by the European Commission in Brussels on 8-9 December 2016, under the European Vocational Skills Week 2016.


EUVETBiz discussion panel

The conference focuses:

      • on identifying key intersections in the European policy related to skills and apprenticeships, mainly through the way that businesses and educational organizations will come into effective communication, to reduce unemployment,
    • on the increase of the competitiveness of enterprises,
    • on the alleviation of the dispute between the companies seeking skills and those that offer potential employees,
    • on the transnational cooperation.

EUVETBiz EfVET and Greece

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