DEAL is a two-year European project, which is implemented by eight partners. This Project is carried out internationally to exchange experiences and best practices between very different ways of caring  people with dementia in different countries – including the approach of the person in need of care. What can we learn from each other in terms of care, rehabilitation and approach? How can we recognize the processes and practices from other countries that help us improve? And how can we develop new things together? These questions will be answered during the implementation of the European DEAL Project.

The objectives of the project are:

  • To improve the competences of teachers and trainers who educate and train care givers with regard to dementia.
  • To improve competences of the care givers with regard to dementia.
    This includes not only gaining knew knowledge but also considering the approach to people with dementia.
  • To extend and qualify the cooperation between educational institutions and care giver organizations.
  • To elevate the status of care for people with dementia as it is a low-status area in the field of care. To make it more attractive and thus easier to hire staff for this kind of care – and for care in general.
  • To give suggestions and recommendation to the decision makers in the field of basic health care education.
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