“E-learning platform for up-skilling in fund raising practice, financial digital literacy in NGO management”


e-Patterns is a two-year European Project, which is implemented by six partners, from Finland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Cyprus and Greece. The main objective of the project is to up-re-skill adult SNGOs practitioners to support their work in fund-raising and strategic digital positioning through new technologies, developing a web-platform to help strategical planning, creating also a self-assessment tool to analyse the state of digitization within the organization.


The objectives of the project are:

  • Train low-skilled adults and develop their competences in financial literacy/fund-raising through simplified ICT tools.
  • Support local projects incubating them through fund-raising preparatory actions (or through crowd-funding, partnership building, budget planning etc.) during the project enhancing the impact of SNGOs.
  • Create a web-platform hosting an interactive online step-by-step web tool to guide target group users in learn financial basics to make a fund-raise plan.
  • Define/develop a self-assessment tool for digitization of SNGOs, in order to define areas of work and training patterns within organizations.
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