Growing the Market in Accessible Tourism

GROWMAT is a European project, which started in December 2016 and lasts for 28 months.

The object of the project is to create new business opportunities in Accessible Tourism for seniors and others, particularly extending the out-of-season market. There are many active older people and this is a new market-place. Innovative educational programs will assist in forming opportunities for entrepreneurs and existing businesses, and creating new employment for young people.

GROWMAT will be implemented by nine partners from different European countries, with a mix of skills and experiences in training of variable groups, such as elderly and entrepreneurs. The partners of the program come from Spain, United Kingdom, Finland, Belgium, Greece and Slovenia.

The concept of the program is to create educational and training courses to help entrepreneurs in tourism and hospitality, training providers and generally any people who are associated with customer services to meet elderly needs and to promote accessibility.

The innovation of the project comes from the mix of the skills of the partnership. Thus, a co-creation curriculum for the courses will be designed. Furthermore, new learning methods (e-learning platform) and activities relating to accessibility will underline the innovative approach of the program.


The main objectives of the program are:

  • to deliver training through an entrepreneurial course and an accessibility awareness course,
  • to open up the out – of – season market for older persons,
  • to create co-operation between education, business, NGOs, social enterprises and charities,
  • to create a business case for accessible tourism,
  • to raise the profile of accessibility.


The program targets:

  • Entrepreneurs in tourism sector,
  • Individuals and students working in hospitality and tourism,
  • Training providers in Entrepreneurship, Hospitality and Tourism (or any Customer Services).


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