TECHSenior is a two-year European project, which started in October 2016 and is implemented under the Erasmus + Program (KA2).
The aim of the project is to train older people to be able to use new technologies, in order to improve their standard of living and maintaining their correspondent autonomy.

Specifically, people over 55 years will be trained in the use of computers, with emphasis on specific items that will help them to remain independent and active in all aspects of their lives. The training will include, among others, modules for using web banking, making electronic transactions, purchase products through internet, such as super market products, tickets for participation in cultural events, etc., making medical appointments via internet, monitoring their individual data eg in tax-service agency etc.

For the implementation of the project there will be created two (2) training programs:

  • The first is aimed at training people who care and / or educate seniors, on issues that are related to the effective teaching of elderly using specialized techniques and training methods, taking into account their specific needs.
  • The second will be an electronic platform «E-learning», which will operate as a continuous feed tool information to older people, as the constant support of their education is crucial.

The project will be implemented by public and private organizations and businesses in Greece (p-consulting, KoiSPE FAROS), Denmark (Sosu Aarhus, Aarhus Kommune), United Kingdom (AgeUK BANES), Spain (CDEA, Errotu Taldea SLP) and Belgium (EfVET ).

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