¨Turning the Learning Disabilitites into Opportunitites’’

TuDOrs is a two-year Erasmus+ Project, launched in October 2020. The partnership consists of eight partners from Slovenia, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Ireland, Italy and Romania. p-consulting.gr participates to the project, representing Greece.

Main objective of the project, is to enhance the knowledge and skills of foreign language teachers in the education of people with learning disabilities. As a result, the project is mainly aimed at foreign language teachers and educational institutions providing language courses.


What will be produced

  •    Digital Compendium

The Compendium will be a multilingual digital tool for recording existing innovative and effective methods and practices for teaching foreign languages to people with learning disabilities. The above data will be collected from various European countries. The aim of the project partners is to gather a large number of good practices, from as many European countries as possible.

p-consulting. gr is responsible for the creation of the Compendium, with the participation of all partners in the recording and capture of relevant information.

  •    Online Training Program

For the training of foreign language teachers, a specialized Educational Program will be created by the project partners. The Training Program will be available in English, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Slovenian and Romanian.

The method to be followed is distance learning. The creation of the digital educational platform and part of the educational material is undertaken by p-consulting.gr.

  •    Digital Self-Assessment Tool

The Digital Self-Assessment Tool will enable language teachers to assess their skills in the education of people with learning disabilities. The digital tool which will be created will be user-friendly and accessible from any device.The digital implementation of the Self-Assessment Tool is undertaken by p–consulting.gr, with the assistance of all project partners.

Language learning is essential for all people and all ages. It is an important part of everyone’s life, which leads, among other things, to finding a better job. People with learning disabilities, however, face greater difficulty in learning foreign languages. For this reason, they should be trained by properly qualified teachers with specialized knowledge in the education of people with learning disabilities. The TuDOrs project focuses on this important objective, the specialized education of foreign language teachers in the education of people with learning disabilities.

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