How ready are we for the 3rd age?

It is a fact that the population of Greece is ageing. EACEA EUROPA data show that the age group of 65+ will increase in Greece from 17.01% in 2001 to 36.5% in 2050. This means that the quality of life of people over the age of 50 have to be as good as that of younger people, with equal opportunities in education, finding job and taking advantage of leisure time with interesting activities to the fullest.

The quality of life of people who are 65+ is an interesting topic that concerns several organizations and organizations in Greece, such as the non-profit organization 50plus Hellas, which develops a variety of actions aimed at improving the quality of life of older people, the organization People Behind which aims to support people over 65 years of age for their active aging and many other bodies.

At the same time, many initiatives and programs are being developed related to active ageing and improving the quality of life of people over 65. One of these programs is the SenQuality Project.

The project SenQuality

SenQuality is an Erasmus+ project implemented by various organizations from Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Slovenia and Poland, including

How ready are we for the 3rd age? 3

The aim of the project is to raise public awareness of issues related to old age and to promote the concept of active ageing.


Through the creation and development of various tools, such as:

  • Digital database on active ageing, in relation to specific areas of our daily lives (Finances, Emergencies and Exceptional Circumstances, Mental and Physical Fitness, Housing, Looks and Appearance, Social relationships, Health, Leisure Activities and Lifestyle, Work and Employment).
  • Digital self-assessment tool of personal preparation for the transition of 3rd and 4th

The Project seeks to address the issue of active ageing and encourage the implementation of actions and initiatives in this direction.

More information about the project and its action can be found on the project’s Website and Facebook.

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