Procedure for obtaining code number for the projects about Employers and Freelancers of O.A.E.D

Procedure for the code number acquisition at the forthcoming issue of new programs “Strengthening liquidity and employment” for 12,700 beneficiaries

    1. Employers grant project for new job creation during the crisis.


    1. Special program for young freelancers, aimed at strengthening liquidity and employment.


A precondition for the submission of online application is the undertaking company to be certified / registered user in the information system (portal) of OAED and have access codes to this (company code number) *.


If any of the undertaking concerned companies are not registered users in the Information System (portal) of the Organization, should immediately visit the Public Employment Service of OAED (KPA2) of their region and to provide the following documents for the code number acquisition.


    1. The Certificate for the beginning of vocation for the individual businesses.


    1. Legal entities recent statute of the company from which will result the shareholding and / or corporate composition as well as the VAT number of the company.

For the procedure the code number acquisition a legally authorized person is required.

If the company has branches then for the code number acquisition all the necessary elements should be reported and recorded (address, tel., Email, etc.) for each branch.

* Attention: Please note that for the electronic submission of application (for employers and young self-employed) in the above programs, it is required a code number representing business and not code number corresponding to an individual.

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