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PROFI came to Patras

PROFI came to Patras

PROFI came to Patras

The 3rd transnational meeting for the European Project PROFI VNFIL “Ensure the professionalization and good functioning of Validation of Non-Formal and Informal Learning” carried out on 03 & 04 February 2020 at the offices of p-consulting.gr in Patras. PROFI VNFIL is the European Project Erasmus+ KA2, which aims at the development of a digital self-evaluation tool for students of informal and non-formal education and a training course for those who are involved in certification of qualifications.

 During the meeting, the partners discussed for the deliverables of the Project, as they worked to find how they can follow the needs and the requirements of each country. In addition, one of the meeting’s issues was the Joint Staff training in Perugia of Italy on June 2020. It was essential the organization of a transnational educational program, so the partners of the project to be informed and trained from professionals.

 Finally, they discussed for the next activities and obligations of each partner, in accordance with the timetables.

Project partners are p-consulting.gr from Greece, Lithuanian Education Trade Union and Vilnius Car Mechanics & Business School from Lithuania, Cecoa VTC from Portugal and FORMA.Azione from Italy.

For more information visit the website of PROFI VNFIL Project.


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