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PROFI VNFIL Targeting students of informal and non-formal education

PROFI is a European Project Erasmus+ KA2. The aim of the project is to develop an online tool that will provide students a self-evaluation report. In addition, they will be able to create their personal e-portfolio.

What is e-portfolio?

E-portfolio is an online folder. It will be personal and it will include the skills and competencies of each one. They will be able to present the e-portfolio and the self-evaluation report in the labor market, increasing their employment opportunities.

How PROFI can help young people?

Unemployment is a serious problem in our country. An increasing number of young people cannot find a job. Self-evaluation report is a tool that will give an important advantage for students of non-formal and informal education. It will give them the opportunity to highlight and present their skills to their future employers. They will have the opportunity to prove that they have the qualifications that are essential in the labor market, giving them an edge in this competitive market. Essentially, PROFI will output results from no-measurable units, like experience, knowledge and skills.

To whom the online tool may concern?

PROFI is a helping tool for young people looking for work. But not only young people can benefit from it, but also people who have already a job. They will be able to present their skills and qualifications through the self-evaluation report and e-portfolio, ensuring more privileges in their workplace. Privileges in the form of financial benefits, recognition and self-growth. They also have the chance to find the areas they are weak and can benefit with training, in order to increase their efficiency.

The main objective of the project is the creation of an online platform that will provide the users the ability to create their personal online folder and a competence report. The platform will contain material for the training of professional trainers involved in the educational process. The creation and development of the online platform and e-portfolio is tackled by

PROFI is an online self-evaluation tool which contributes to occupational rehabilitation and the enhancement of skills of participants.


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