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The modern management approach that we adopt in Project management, ensures the maximum and effective use of projects and multiplies the benefits. Our actions are characterized by responsibility and consistency, based on the opportunities arising from each project. We implement a large number of national and European projects, we participate in national and European partnerships and we are connected in a large network of national and European bodies.

The implementation of projects requires a Project Team. The  experienced and specialized executives of p-consulting guarantee the success in European and National Projects, emphasizing on the quality management of projects.

  • inform

  • decode

  • plan

  • prepare

  • submit

  • implement

The process of imlpementing Projects includes:

  • Informing start-up and existing businesses, institutions and other stakeholders on funding opportunities
  • Drawing up a quality business plan that will guide the company in the next period and give the maximum chances of joining funding projects
  • Providing consulting services throughout the project duration
  • Management, coordination and monitoring between companies and organizations with constant communication in order to make the required actions and maximize the benefits that provide.

We participate actively in ESF and NSRF of the new Programming period 2014 – 2023. We implement and submit proposals on behalf of our customers.