π-consulting, organized and implemented from October 23th to 26th 2013 one of the greatest international conference of the year in Athens, the annually international conference of EfVET. EfVET, in which actively participates π-consulting, is a European organization for the promotion of vocational education and training in Europe.


Under these circumstances, it is organized every year an international conference in different countries that specific issues according to the vocational and educational training in Europe are discussed and analyzed.


The main issues that analyzed in the 22nd international conference is the high youth unemployment all over Europe and the facing up of the difficulties that exist in the connection between young people and the labor market.


The conference took place in the Royal Olympic Hotel and during the conference, all the participants could enjoy most of the services of the hotel with coffee breaks and dinners after the end of the day.


The 22nd International EfVET Conference in Athens was one of the most successful in the long history of the organization, highlighting the excellent organization by π-consulting and became a landmark in the development and future of the organization.