data Greece 101132889 MICROIDEA ERASMUS EDU 2023 PI FORWARD 2024-2026 summary MICROIDEA MICRO-credentials: Identifying, Developing, testing, and assessing innovative approaches. MICROIDEA is a project funded by the Erasmus+ program, lasting 36 months, implemented by 12 organizations from Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Polland, and Belgium. It focuses on introducing a holistic methodology of microcredential which will be […]




data Italy 2023-1-IT01-KA220-VET-000155534 2023-2025 summary QUAHVET Attractive 5th level High Vet Through the Quality of Guidance QUAHVET is a project funded by the Erasmus+ program, lasting 24 months, implemented by 6 organizations from Italy, Spain Sweden, and Greece. It focuses on informing and encouraging students to choose Vocational Training Schools (IEK) and post-secondary schools through

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data Republic of North Macedonia 2023-1-MK01-KA220-VET-000154804 2023-2025 summary INTERACTION HighlIght the EuropeaN heriTagE thRough sustAinblE CreativiTy and cIrcular ecONomy INTERACTION is a 24-month-long project of Erasmus+ which aims to enhance the transformation of art and creative businesses towards more innovative and sustainable models, keeping the environment and the fight against climate change as a priority.


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data ITALY 2023-1-IT02-KA220-HED-000161993 2023-2026 summary CJLL (Climate Justice Living Lab) Our project, CJLL, is a partnership between four universities from Italy, Spain and Ukraine and our own digital education green company from Greece. CJLL was created on account of the immense need for motivation of all social sectors towards the fight against anthropogenic climate effects.

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data Ireland 2023-1-IE01-KA220-VET-0001531958 2023-2025 summary EMPOWERAI “EMPOWERING FEMALE ENTREPRENEURSHIP THROUGH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI)” EMPOWERAI is a project funded by the Erasmus+ program, lasting 25 months, implemented by 5 organizations from Ireland, Finland, Greece, Spain, and Italy. It focuses on strengthening digital skills and on the use of AI tools by female entrepreneurs, empowering their business

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data Germany 2023-1-DE02-KA220_VET-000157144 2023-2026 summary GreenVET GreenVET Pathway- Engaging VET in a Whole Institution Approach towards Sustainability The GreenVET project is a partnership between organizations from seven European countries (Germany, Finland, Cyprus, Greece, Latvia, Slovenia, Italy) and it aims to create a VET network which, through a series of activities, will help VET schools take

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data       Slovenia 2023-1-SI01-KA220-SCH-000161979 2023-2026 summary FOCUS  Foreign Language Opportunities for Children with Unique Skills   The FOCUS project aims to enhance the knowledge, skills, and competences of foreign language teachers in effectively teaching children (6-12 years old) with learning difficulties. Through the introduction of innovative teaching techniques, methods, and tools, including Digital

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data       Lithuania 2023-1-LT01-KA220-VET-000160553 2023-2025 summary ΕNTRELED Empowering VET learners towards a sustainable and inclusive labor market. The ENTRELED project is a partnership between organizations from Lithuania, Greece, Italy, and Spain. The project aims to empower VET learners with learning difficulties by developing their competencies and skills in the sector of Circular Economy.

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data France 2022-1-FR01-KA220-ADU-000086999 2022-2025 summary AGORA “TRANSFORMING LOCAL ECOSYSTEMS” AGORA is a 36-month Erasmus+ project, that focuses on creating learning materials for people involved in or interested in the tourism industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly reduced travel and mobility, impacting local tourism and communities. To adapt, tourism offerings have been changed to allow for

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Sun in the Age

data Lithuania 2022-1-LT01-KA220-ADU-000088994 2022-2024 summary Sun in the Age The project is implemented under the Erasmus+ programme by 7 organisations in Lithuania, Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, the Republic of North Macedonia and Poland. Sun in the Age project addresses the problem of loneliness and social isolation of older people. During the pandemic, the problem of

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