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CJLL (Climate Justice Living Lab)

Our project, CJLL, is a partnership between four universities from Italy, Spain and Ukraine and our own digital education green company from Greece. CJLL was created on account of the immense need for motivation of all social sectors towards the fight against anthropogenic climate effects. By incorporating the field of Law from Higher Education institutions, CJLL initiates the change from the ground up. Justice is what should spearhead this battle of climate emergency since it constitutes fundamental element of prevention and management against this urgent climate crisis. Justice is what will tighten the screws of governments and all types of enterprises in order for them to act, while at the same time secure human rights.

However, it is a fact that current, and even more so, future Law professionals lack crucial knowledge and skills so as to be able to play a leading role in climate justice, even though they are asked to do so more and more nowadays. CJLL is here to bridge the sizable gap in expertise in said professionals as well as actors associated with environmental protection and climate change, and it aspires to achieve this by beginning from the foundation, university Law schools.


Climate Justice Living Lab’s goal is to reinforce Higher Education in the fight against social changes that have been brought about and continue to be brought about on account of climate emergency. Through a program of online and face-to-face training courses, as well as a handbook and an e-platform, the project hopes to:

  • Help law professionals and other stakeholders develop green law competencies.
  • Prevent and manage climate emergency, while at the same time secure human rights.
  • Lead the structural change in favor of the environment on all levels starting from the ground up.
  • Enhance the quality of Higher Education in environmental matters.
  • Create synergies between various actors so as to promote the sharing of interdisciplinary knowledge, understanding and dissemination of good practices in the field of Law.


  • Law professionals (Law professors, judges, lawyers)
  • Law students


  • University students (from disciplines such as natural sciences, humanities etc.)
  • University professors and researchers interested in the field of climate justice
  • Activists
  • Journalists

The deliverables of the CJLL project are:




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