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Digital education for adults and adult educators in e-government access
through context-based gamified scenarios

DigEqual’ is an innovative European project, with a duration of 2 years, implemented under the Erasmus+ program. The partnership consists of 6 educational centers and organizations from Italy, Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Germany, and Portugal. It aims at creating a bridge between digitally excluded adults and e-government services, while at the same time investing in pedagogical practices of adult centers and educators, as a way to tackle the effects of the 2nd and 3rd levels of Digital Divide.

  • Define the main skills and expectations on the main adoption factors for e-government interaction by adults, thus focusing on how adults can exert their e-rights and which methodologies can adult educators follow.
  • Improvement of adult educators’ and low-skilled adults’ skills and competencies by applying a training course on different aspects of e-government.
  • Development of a ‘quest based interactive web-app’ which will follow a gamified approach, and will be used not only by educators as an educational tool, but as a self-learning tool as well, particularly useful for disempowered and cultural diverse groups.
target groups


  • adult educators with little knowledge on e-government services
  • adults who are involved in our activities or who suffer from digital exclusion
  • adults with difficult social-economic background (loneliness, women, low wage)
  • Partner organisations’ educational staff working on adult training/inclusion


  • educational centres and other organisations working in the field of adult support & adult involvement
  • Associated partners’ target groups & staff

Relevant Stakeholders

  • policy makers in the field of long-life learning and permanent learning (e.g. social welfare departments of municipalities, regional bodies working in social inclusion)
  • other second-level organizations representing adults (unions, representative bodies of social clubs etc

The outputs of the project DigEqual are:


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