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What is dwa-project.eu ?


The dwa-project.eu is a wordpress platform that is hosting:
  • a complete system of asynchronous e-learning training
  • a holistic approach of a system that integrates the communication between the users
  • a complete system of asynchronous e-learning training

The platform is translated in 7 languages (English, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Slovenian and Finnish). It is fully responsive and it includes an interactive blog for it’s readers. It is connected with a google analytics account and it utilizes a caching system for further increase in speed.

The dwa-project.eu e-learning platform allows the use of focus mode to avoid the possibility of the user being distracted,it has a night mode feature, it offers a monitoring system of the progress for both the user and the instructor (in percentages and/or in steps)and it has the ability to include all kinds of multimedia, like pdf, office documents, videos, flipbox presentations etc. The quizzes it offers, includes all kinds of question types (open answer, single choice, multiple choice, free choice, sorting choice, matrix sorting choice, Fill in the blank, etc.), while it offers the ability to include assignments where the user can upload his assignment for approval. The evaluation is either performed automatically and the user is informed via email or manually by the instructor and the user is informed as soon as his assignment is evaluated. Also every quiz can have different settings, about whether the user can retake the quiz, or if there are prerequisites, etc. In the end of every chapter – module there is the ability to appoint a certification to the user in pdf form with the user information. The instructors have a separate monitoring environment where they are given the opportunity to communicate, massively, individually or in groups through an automated system of sending emails.

The dwa-project.eu online community offers to every user the ability to edit his/her profile by changing his/her information, uploading an avatar, uploading a cover image, choose which of the profile information wants to be public or private, to communicate with instructors or other members through chat or messages, to upload files, to participate in online discussions in thematic groups etc. Another innovation is the homogenized planning and implementation of zoom meetings, which can then be posted online as videos to be available for anyone interested in them. Finally every user automatically has access to the information he/she has shared with the platform and has the right to request to be forgotten (based on the GDPR regulation), and his/her information removed.

The dwa-project.eu digital compendium is an accessible online database that offers the ability to present the results of best practices to the user (all or filtered), with an easy search. The compendium is accessible from every device and has an elegant style without distracting the user from reading the text.

The branding as well as the aesthetics part of the project, is created entirely inhouse, always in harmony with the nature of the project.

Logo & Visual Guidelines

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