GreenVET Pathway- Engaging VET in a Whole Institution Approach towards Sustainability

The GreenVET project is a partnership between organizations from seven European countries (Germany, Finland, Cyprus, Greece, Latvia, Slovenia, Italy) and it aims to create a VET network which, through a series of activities, will help VET schools take on a leading role in the European Green Deal. Through an approach which involves the entire institution, teachers, administrators and VET staff will transform their operations in order to actively promote environmental sustainability. As a result, they will educate their students who, in turn, will apply the Green Deal practices to their future work environments in order to, ultimately, make Europe the first climate neutral continent. The GreenVET projects seeks to show the way towards sustainability.


The primary goal of the project is transforming the operations and teachings of VET schools in their entirety so that the idea of environmental sustainability can be integrated into their practices. In doing so, students will be motivated to take on an active role in the change that should be enforced for a greener Europe. Changing the mindsets of the future work force is what will shape the future of sustainability as well as create useful green competencies to benefit the students’ future careers.

The project also aims to equip VET teachers with assessment tools in order to identify their schools’ potential in the Green Transition and, consequently, orientate their operations towards it.

Lastly, GreenVET intends to build a VET network in order to form alliances with the local as well as the European community in the best interest of environmental sustainability.



  • VET teachers
  • VET students


  • VET administrators
  • Environmental groups
  • Policy makers

The deliverables of the GreenVET project are as follows:




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