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Definition of competences at European level for the recognition of the qualification

LOST2 project spans 30 months with nine partners from six European countries. Its objective is to improve social inclusion, especially for young people. The number of missing people and children in Europe has increased significantly, with 200,000 children being reported missing and only 33% being found. LOST2 aims to establish a unified European system for tracking these unfortunate occurrences by defining a core professional profile for “Experts in the Research of Missing People & Minors.” The project’s objective is to create a common, high-level training standard across Europe that would result in a qualification recognized in EU countries.

Goal: To make it easier for employers across Europe to recognize and hire professionals trained in analyzing and researching missing persons through the LOST project.

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  • Increase visibility of the professional profile at the national and EU level.
  • Analyze and define the proposed qualifications in the LOST project.
  • Create a consistent documentation of the qualifications that meet European standards, allowing for verification, validation, and recognition of learning by national/local authorities.
  • Establish a foundation for the qualification’s equivalence in Europe, following the standards recommended by the recent Council Recommendation, to provide certification for all EU countries.
  • Expand employment opportunities for these professionals by making their qualifications usable and transferable across all EU countries.
target groups


  • Technical operators and trainers in vocational education and training (VET)
  • Providers of VET
  • Police officers
  • Firefighters
  • Staff of secret services
  • Civil protection personnel
  • Private investigators
  • Practicing lawyers
  • National and local authorities responsible for verifying, validating, and recognizing learning, and for maintaining the national/regional register of job profiles and professional qualifications as well as the European ESCO classification
  • Volunteers of Missing People associations
  • Associations that support families and assist law enforcement and judicial bodies


  • Parents,
  • Policy makers,
  • Providers of continuous professional development
  • Law enforcement and public bodies (judicial bodies)
  • Families and local communities
  • Telephone line operators
  • Immigration authorities
  • Commission bodies
  • NGOs for the protection of children
  • Organizations dealing with the phenomenon of migration,
  • Representatives of EU institutional bodies (Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs of the European -Parliament, members of the Research Service) and
  • EU Commission responsible for justice and human rights, etc.

The outputs of the project LOST2 are:




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