“Turning the Learning Disabilities into Opportunities”

TuDOrs is an Erasmus + (KA2) Project, which focuses on language teachers and aims to produce innovative tools and educational materials on language teaching for people with learning disabilities. Learning foreign languages ​​is an important part of the educational process.It concerns not only children and adolescents, but also adults who decide to learn a foreign language in order to have better employment opportunities or for other personal reasons. Experts on people with learning disabilities point out that these people face significant difficulties in learning foreign languages. Unfortunately, language teachers, who are often the ones who identify the difficulties faced by their students, do not have the necessary knowledge to properly approach learners with learning disabilities. Support for language teachers in teaching people with learning disabilities is at the heart of the TuDOrs Project


TuDOrs aims to improve the knowledge and skills of language teachers in terms of teaching methods for people with learning disabilities and to enhance the skills of adult educators for the smooth integration of the educational process of students with disabilities.
The objectives of the project are:
• Raising the awareness of foreign language teachers about learning difficulties.
• Strengthening the knowledge and skills of foreign language teachers in the education of people with learning disabilities.
• Creation of an on-line training program for language instructors, which will be designed for the needs of everyone.

target groups


Teachers of foreign languages

Associations of trainers of foreign languages

Foreign languages educational institutions


People with Learning Disabilities and their families

Professionals in foreign languages

Professionals in the field of learning disabilities

Foreign language teachers associations

Associations for learning disabilities

Other Stakeholders

Local, regional, national authorities responsible for education



The outputs of the TuDOrs project are the following:




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