ProLearn’s progress featured

ProLearn’s progress

Partners online meeting for the European project ProLearn


On 22nd of April, project partners had an online meeting, in order to discuss about ProLearn’s progress and the next activities.

The discussion focused mainly on project’s outputs:


ProLearn’s progress 1

Electronic tool for diagnosis of cognitive processes of younger children (from 6 to 10 years old)

In January 2021, the online survey for parents and teachers of children 6-10 years old started in all partners’ countries. The aim of the survey is the data collection from teachers and parents of children 6-10 years old, regarding the assessment of cognitive functions and the preferred learning styles of children. The online survey is available until June 2021 and 100 answers from each partner country are required.


ProLearn’s progress 2

Training toolkit for teachers and educators

The aim of the training toolkit for teachers and educators is to help them to acquire the knowledge needed on how to support their students. Teachers will be able to shape the teaching methodology according to the needs of their students and to use the teaching methods, which are coherent with cognitive potential of them. The training toolkit consists of 10 units and at this phase partners are finalizing the English version and they will proceed with its translation in Polish, Greek, Italian and Romanian.


ProLearn’s progress 3

Training toolkit for students

The aim of the training tool for students 6-14 is to develop cognitive functions and support students in the development of effective learning skills, using resources and the full brain potential. The tool will consist of exercises and videos, the scripts of which are currently being finalized by project partners.



Stay tuned for more news about our project ProLearn!

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