RE-CREW: Directing Innovation in Human Resource Management in Small Businesses

The first project result of the RE-CREW project, entitled ” how to recruit in Small Businesses: Analysis of the needs, barriers & opportunities”, is now available and provides an extensive review of the first RE-CREW work package. 

The report includes three main sections, offering a detailed overview of the project’s activities: 

Section 1: Case Analysis 

This section delves into research and analysis of literature sources, highlighting fundamental principles on resource practices, social responsibility and employer branding. Based on analyses of surveys and interviews, it offers comprehensive methodology and analysis. 

Section 2: Discussion with stakeholders 

This module examines in depth issues related to resource management activities, employer branding strategies and social responsibility in European countries. 

Section 3: Case Studies and Best Practices 

This module includes 12 case studies that showcase effective practices in social responsibility, talent management and employer branding. 

The report is available for here, offering interesting insights and practices for innovative strategies in resource management and corporate social responsibility in Small Business. 

The project result is available in Greek, English, Italian, Slovenian, Danish, Spanish and Norwegian. 

Stay tuned for more! 

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