Ready to Teach: Hybrid Learning Classroom

Filled with enthusiasm, we traveled to Nicosia, Cyprus from February 12-16, 2024, to participate in the educational activity (C1) organized within the framework of the hvet project. It was a 5-day meeting during which the hybrid teaching model (a blend of physical and virtual learning) in the VET sector was presented.

In the educational activity called “Ready to Teach: Hybrid Learning Classroom,” staff from all partners participated: experts, psychologists, teachers, trainers, and project managers. The participants had the opportunity to work on the results that had been produced. The aim was to empower the educational community as a whole.

Our active participation in all the organized activities allowed us to experience and deeply process the project’s results. Armed with the conviction that we are fully aligned and focused on the goal, we left Nicosia to return to our bases and continue our work to make hybrid education a part of everyday life in VET structures.

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