Reimagine Distance Learning-A two-year successful collaboration!

It feels like yesterday when four organizations from Romania, Germany, Italy, and Greece joined their forces in order to increase the competences of educators through the introduction of innovative teaching methods and tools based on the Instructional Design methodology. Our goal was to increase the capacity and readiness of adult education institutions to manage an effective shift towards digital education.

Within these two-years, we managed to create:

  • An online platform that includes material based on Instructional Design Methodology,
  • The digital toolkit in the hands of educators
  • The online educational program for educators.

Our pathway was filled with challenges, and what helped us overcome any difficulties that arose was our excellent collaboration.

After a two-year journey we are proud to have:

  • Developed the skills of educators involved in adult education, aiming to implement solutions in distance learning processes.
  • Developed the skills of trainers and educational centers on Instructional Design Methodology.
  • Improve the quality of provided digital education.
  • Increased the participation of disadvantaged students in educational programs.
  • Provided support to educational organizations at local, regional, national, and European levels.
  • Created a network of collaboration among participants in adult education at European level.

The journey has come to an end, but what we have created remains active and accessible to all for use.

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