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SCORE in Patras

On 17 & 18 December 2019 was carried out the 4th transnational meeting of European Project SCORE (Developing the Skills of CΟmmunity and health workers working with Refugees) at the offices of in Patras. SCORE is the European Project Erasmus+ KA2, which aims to educate the professionals in working with refugees and immigrants.


Training course

The objective of the meeting was the presentation of the training course, which will be implemented in all countries. The training course addresses to health professionals, community workers, members of NGOs, students and volunteers. The course aims to increase the competences of community workers/healthcare professionals to approach and work with immigrants/refugees. The result will be the comprehension of the needs of immigrants/refugees and their integration in the community.

The course will be implemented by the method of e-learning, as two meetings with the method of World Café will be held in Patras.

In Greece, the Project implemented by University of Patras, which is the coordinator of the project, and It consists also from the college SOSU of Denmark, the college Centro san Viator and eternal evaluator Errotu of Spain, the educational organization Forma Azione and the organization of immigrants Arci of Italy.


 In Greece, the training course starts on 20 January 2020 and lasts 12 weeks.

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SCORE in Patras

SCORE in Patras


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