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International trainign of Slow Learners (Slow Learning’s executives)

The Erasmus+ project Slow Learning aims to develop a focused training program for IT trainers, highlighting a roadmap to teach new technologies and IT applications to people of 3rd and 4th age.

Given that IT and web applications play a key role in all aspects of our daily lives, introducing people over the age of 65 to the world of new technologies, is the only way to improve their own daily routines.

Slow Learners at San Sebastian

Having said that, and given that the education of older people, especially in IT and web tools, requires knowledge of specific techniques and methods, organizations and educational institutions from Greece, Slovenia, Spain and Denmark met at San Sebastian (Basque Country) on 26-27-28.10.2021. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the objectives, structure, training modules and content of an online training program for IT trainers.

Slow Learners @ San Sebastian blended meetingThe participants in the meeting discussed with professionals in the field (IT, adult education, etc.) and were trained on what we call Roadmap. This roadmap are the techniques and methods that should be included in a training program for IT educators, who wish to teach people in 3rd and 4th age.

The result of this meeting was the development of a specialized training program. This program is expected to be finalized the following weeks and will be available by the end of 2021 in English, Spanish, Greek, Slovenian and Danish.

The development of this training program will be finalised with a piloting implementation in January 2022 in Greece, Spain, Slovenia and Denmark.

Stay tuned for the training program’s pilot phase news!

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