SlowLearning Compendium

SlowLearning Compendium

SlowLearning project is aiming in educating IT trainers so as to acquire the necessary knowledge and competences for the effective training of seniors in new technologies. participates to the consortium, as project partner.

At this stage of project implementation, partners developed the 1st output of the project. It is a compendium of existing best practices and tools in teaching technology to seniors. is responsible for the creation of the compendium and for collecting data from Greece and other European countries.

What is the slowlearning compendium?

SlowLearning Compendium_01

The compendium is an innovative tool of existing practices in teaching technology to seniors. The aim of this tool is to provide to training institutions and IT trainers important information on innovative and supporting practices and techniques on how to train effectively elders in new technologies.

Project partners collected information and best practices from their countries and from other European counties. At this stage, the compendium includes 15 practices from Slovenia, Denmark, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Portugal and United Kingdom.

The compendium will be regularly updated throughout project’s lifetime.


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